Traveling with an Autoimmune Disease

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Traveling with inflammatory bowel disease is stressful. Not only do we have to deal with digestive-related symptoms, but our immune systems are often suppressed from the medications we’re taking. The New York Times recently published a guide to traveling and eating safely with an autoimmune disease. It has advice about traveling with medications, what to eat, and apps that can help make life easier while traveling.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has a website where you can select your destination and then check certain boxes to describe the type of traveler you are, such as “Chronic Disease” and “Immune-Compromised”. It will then give you advice specific to both your destination and your situation. If you need vaccines, make sure to check whether they are “live” vaccines first, since people on certain medications like Prednisone, immunosuppressants, or biologics should not get live vaccines.

Of course, these are no substitute for talking to your doctor, who knows your specific situation. Being prepared and doing your research beforehand can help make traveling with IBD and other autoimmune diseases a little less stressful.

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