One Year Older - An Update


I started this blog last summer, after I was released from the hospital for the second time that year. While in the hospital, I had a colonoscopy showing severe ulcerative colitis and started Entyvio. Not long after that I started 6MP.

This past July, I had another colonoscopy to check if my colon was healing. I have been feeling better and not having symptoms, meaning I am in “clinical remission.” Fortunately, except for some microscopic inflammation seen in the rectal biopsies, the colonoscopy showed that I am also in endoscopic remission.

After the colonoscopy, my doctor said I could go off of the 6MP. The reason she had started me on it along with the Entyvio was to prevent me from developing antibodies, because I had developed antibodies to Remicade so quickly after starting it. The risks for developing antibodies are highest when starting the medication and when trying to restart it after going off it for a period of time. Now hopefully I will be able to just stay on the Entyvio long term, and not have to worry about the risks of 6MP.

Although this was all good news, I was still worried about stopping the 6MP. What if I started having symptoms again? It made me laugh a little bit – one year ago I was scared of starting it, and now I was scared to go off it. I was on a low dose though, which made me feel a little better about stopping. I’ve been off of it for about two weeks, and am still feeling great.

In fact, this weekend I visited my sister and we went to the beach, and not once did I have to worry about where the nearest bathroom was (well, except for the first night, when I ate way too much chocolate - but that was my own fault).