Resources for Dealing with Stress

The New York Times recently published a great resource on stress, resilience, exercise, and more. One interesting fact that I'd read before: stress is not linked to worse health outcomes, but believing stress is taking a toll on your health is. So how to stop worrying about all that stress? Unlike other things I've read, this article has a lot of suggestions for how to change your perception of stress and build resilience.

A few that I found especially helpful:

  • Remind yourself that stress makes you stronger.
  • “Practice” stressful situations by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. When I’m facing a stressful situation, it helps to remind myself of all of the challenging things I’ve done before: traveled to Israel, given a presentation that was videotaped and posted on the intranet at work, started a support group. I know that whatever I’m facing, when I am done I will be able to add it to my “success stories” of difficult things I have accomplished.
  • Focus on core beliefs. Reminding myself of why I’m doing something stressful doesn’t necessarily make me less anxious, but it makes me more determined to push through the anxiety and do it anyway.

Looking for more resources? I've updated the Resources section of this blog. Check it out for links related to anxiety, meditation, inflammatory bowel disease, and more.