Top 100 Crohn's Blogs

Thank you to Feedspot for listing Hope Inflamed as one of the Top 100 Crohn's Blogs! Hope Inflamed is #85 (despite my low readership, I'm not even last!). It looks like there are some great resources on this list, and I hope to check many of them out.

Life has been busy lately, so I haven't been posting as much. I got a cold recently, and managed not to freak out about getting a cold while on immunosuppressants. I was feeling well enough to still be able to get my last Entyvio infusion. I am going on a cruise soon, and am a little bit worried about germs, but hopefully it will be ok. Stay tuned for a post about that in mid-March. I am also in the process of figuring out Entyvio Connect, a financial assistance program for Entyvio patients, so look out for a post about that as well (assuming I figure out how it works!).

Thanks to those of you who are reading this. :) It was nice to see my blog listed along with so many other great blogs, and I hope that it is helpful to others out there living with IBD.