What's Your IBD Superpower?

My IBD superhero.

My IBD superhero.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes Entyvio, has created a comic book featuring superheroes with inflammatory bowel disease. The website also lets you create your own superhero (see mine above) and take a quiz to discover your superpowers. There’s also a quiz for caregivers.

Here are the results of my quiz. It’s eerily accurate.

You’re the master of your domain. You’re a planner. You’re someone who stays calm, cool, and collected. You take your time and consider every angle before launching an attack. Your persistency is unwavering. Even if something doesn’t work, you don’t give up without a fight. With your trusty utility belt, you’re ready for anything. You’re dependable and responsible, and thrive on organization and efficiency.

After you’ve taken the quiz, it takes you to some helpful tips for talking to your doctor about your IBD, such as jotting down questions ahead of time so that you are prepared for your next appointment. The website also has information about IBD and frequently asked questions.

In addition to being fun to play around with and providing some useful information, I think it’s a good reminder that our disease makes us strong. It makes us brave. And we are more than just our illness. We each have our own strengths in dealing with IBD and whatever else life throws at us.