A Look Back on the Steps I Took in 2016

Number of steps taken in each day in 2016.

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I love data. I'm currently reading the book Dear Data by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec. Every week for a year, the authors tracked something related to their lives and drew a visualization of it on a postcard which they sent to each other. It inspired me to look at some of my own data.

The chart above looks at the number of steps I took each day in 2016, as tracked by my iPhone Health app. I don't take my phone with me every time I walk around my apartment or office, but I do take it every time I leave home, so it should be pretty accurate (assuming the app itself is accurate). 

You can see health-related patterns in the data. On January 1, my sister and her boyfriend were visiting and I went sightseeing with them despite being in the midst of a UC flare and having c diff (although I didn't know I had c diff at the time). You can see that after they left there are a few days where I barely walked at all, followed by a hospitalization later in January. After January, I started to feel better, and took trips to Nashville in April and home in early May. Then in mid-May Remicade stopped working and I was hospitalized again at the end of the month. Things improved towards the end of June as the Entyvio kicked in. I went to Charleston with my mom in November, which is when I walked the most steps in a day.

I think all of the days when I walked the most were spent with my mom and/or my sister, which isn't surprising given that they are more active than I am. Hopefully 2017 will have fewer days spent on the couch (or in the hospital) where I don't walk at all.