Why I'm Here

Four years ago, when I was 27 years old, I was diagnosed with a disease called ulcerative colitis. I had never heard of it before, but soon learned it was similar to Crohn's disease, which my mom has. It was mild at first and I managed for a few years.

About a year ago, it started getting much worse. In the past year, I have been on and off of prednisone, missed countless days of work, canceled two vacations, had two colonoscopies, had two hospital stays and one trip to urgent care, dealt with a c diff infection, switched health insurance and gastroenterologists, started Remicade and became allergic to it, and started Entyvio. Just when I start to think I am getting my life back, a new complication arises and I have to put everything on hold again. I am currently limping along and waiting to see if Entyvio works for me.

It hasn't been all bad, however. This disease has made me more grateful for the days I feel good and has taught me how to advocate for myself. It has made me stronger and braver. During the past year, I have also caught glimpses of what life can be like when I feel good and strong and am not worrying constantly about where the nearest bathroom is, and I am hopeful that I will find a treatment that will allow me to live like that long term.

I started this blog to write about my journey with ulcerative colitis and to help others suffering from chronic illnesses feel less alone. I hope this can become a space where we can share ideas and support and learn from one another. Thank you for joining me on this journey.